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Floral Arrangements


One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the flower choices. This decision can make or break the atmosphere and feeling of warmth surrounding your big day. Our dream wedding aims to provide a wedding day which exceeds expectations and provides and euphoric experience to all in attendance.


“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” - John Lennon


Creating an atmosphere to cherish the loving ceremony of marriage should be a priority to all involved and floral arrangments assist in achieving that. I find that floral choices can make a statement to those attending the wedding. The couple may choose to either create a passionate and loving scenery with red roses or else a pure and innocent tone with white roses. It is important to realise the impact floral decisions may have on the overall outlook of your day. 

Our Dream Wedding


Abbey Florist is one of our go to suppliers of high quality bouquets and floral assortments. They're a company based out of my hometown of Claregalway and provide the most beautiful arrangements and choice of flora. There are a range of options available from decorative flowers to bridal/bridesmaid bouquets. We share a passion for wanting the best outcome for our client and prioritise creating the wedding of your dreams.

More information on quotations may be provided upon further consultation. Please provide your name and contact details or reach me via the socials linked below

Flower Decorations